Food and Drink Industry

Food and Drink Industry

Proven Solutions for the Food and Drink Industry

BELZONA is a pioneer of polymer technologies for the maintenance and protection of industrial equipment and structures. The company was established in 1952 in Elland, UK and has since formulated a vast product range that satisfies diverse needs in the Food and Drink sector.

The products are developed by working closely with major Food and Drink companies to resist corrosion and chemical attacks even in highly aggressive environments. Furthermore, the products help maintain a hygienic environment and are approved for contact with food and potable water

Success demonstrated by case studies in main Food and Drink companies


Liquid applied, water-based materials offer an alternative solution to traditional roof repair methods. A fully reinforced seamless waterproof system with low odour formulation that eliminates Health and Safety issues of other traditional repairs providing a cost-effective and durable alternative.

Floors and Steps

Floors are one of the most common areas susceptible to damage because of chemical spillage (i.e. oils, syrups, acids), which are hard to control and result in poor hygiene, injuries and increased operational costs. Fast Curing concrete epoxy repair composites are ideally suited for concrete and stone work resurfacing and rebuilding whilst offering outstanding chemical and impact resistance.

Tank and Silo

Tank and silo internals can be affected by a number of problems, including general corrosion, erosion, chemical degradation, damaged nozzles and failed linings. Sealing tank seams and penetrations can be difficult to repair with conventional systems due to the fact that a number of different substrates can be involved. BELZONA SYSTEMS have the ability to create long term seals between many different and varied substrates.

Which materials and application procedures are selected to meet my specific design and operating conditions?

TRAST BV dedicated specialists, together with round the clock Manufacturer engineering support, allow for the correct material and application procedure to be specified.

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