Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance

Proven Solutions for the Facilities Maintenance Industry

BELZONA provides an essential service to those responsible for the maintenance of industrial facilities. This can range from the roofs, floors and walls structures themselves to the equipment within, including pipes, pumps, shafts and heat exchangers, ensuring maintenance personnel have the tools to solve any potential issues providing long-term erosion and corrosion protection along with outstanding chemical resistance. These water and weatherproof, cold-curing solutions eliminate the dangers of repairs involving hot work, extend asset life, minimize downtime and often remove the need for equipment replacement.

Belzona provides various solutions to the main areas of concern in the industry


Experience in the roofing industry has revealed that 90% of problems usually occur in only 10% of the total area. These main problem areas are skylights, joints, flashings, gutters and glazing bars. The BELZONA 3111 water-based membrane is able to seal the most complex of geometries with a simple brush application.

Walls and Concrete Constructions

Highly versatile concrete repair materials that can be used in multiple scenarios to resurface, rebuild and resurface concrete and stonework. Benefits of this system include: Fast curing, avoiding costly structural rebuild and providing long-term protection.

Pipes, Pumps and Shafts

BELZONA has a number of different repair systems for pipework, whether the pipes are suffering from thin or through-wall defects or are experiencing a live leak. These solutions can be surface tolerant, wrap based or composite repairs.

Not possible to carry out hot work maintenance at your facility?

No problem, TRAST BV dedicated specialists allow for the correct cold-applied material and application procedure to be specified to solve your maintenance problem.

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