Marine Industry

Marine Industry

World-class Engineered Composites and Marine Coatings fit for new build, dry docks and onboard maintenance to cover every part of your ship

With world-class products, wide-ranging expertise and dedicated local staff, TRAST BV is the natural partner to maintain and safeguard assets within the Marine Industry. Our solutions are designed to combat corrosion, providing long term protection and lower operating costs.

Our trained team is able to assess your precise requirements in detail, allowing them to propose optimal repair- and/or coating solutions to fit your specific project criteria. In addition, we provide onsite support you may require during the application on any project.

Different application areas taking into consideration the ship’s operational profitability and overall return of investment

Underwater Hull

As experts in antifouling technology, and one of the world’s largest coatings companies, PPG has built a track record with the clear and consistent way it researches, tests and releases products to the marketplace. The SIGMA COATINGS® antifouling and fouling release product portfolio is divided into three categories, each with its own clearly defined features and benefits: GREEN, FUEL SAVER and PERFORMANCE. Performance products such as SIGMA ECOFLEET 290 deliver consistent performance in the Caspian Sea Region. Over many years of deployment, these products have gained an excellent track record that is fully trusted by ship owners, builders and operators.


Our coatings, such as SIGMASHIELD 880, are formulated to provide an excellent defence against the corrosive conditions in marine conditions, including high humidity and extreme salinity, as well as frequent impacts and other abrasive environments. Their durability, application flexibility, chemical resistance and in combination with non-sparking aggregate also make them the ideal choice for floors and decks.

Restoring structural integrity of decks with plate bonding utilizing BELZONA 1161 or different BELZONA injection bonding technology has been successfully completed. Cold bonding of equipment eliminates the need for hot work and facilitates rapid installation. With tensile shear adhesion of up to 20.4MPa, pull-off adhesion of up to 22.3MPa and flexural strength of up to 98.6MPa, equipment such as brackets and supports can be bonded permanently and safely.


Rubber equipment common in the marine industry, such as fenders, buoys, bellows and hoses, are prone to in-service deterioration, where even minor rips and tears can lead to equipment being decommissioned. BELZONA 2111 is a cold-applied flexible polyurethane which can return equipment into serviceable conditions with reduced downtime and for a fraction of the cost. For the onboard maintenance, our general-purpose gloss finish SIGMARINE 48 is water- and weather-resistant, easy to use and simple to apply, making maintenance easier and more economical. SIGMARINE 48 is available from local stock in a wide range of colours.

Water Ballast Tanks

The single largest surface area on the vessel, where humid conditions promote and accelerate corrosion. As such, the SIGMACOVER 380 coating is extremely adaptable and can be used on various surfaces, including properly prepared shop primers or on suitably prepared bare steel.

SIGMACOVER 380 is an IMO PSPC type-approved multi-purpose primer coating with excellent anticorrosive properties. It can be overcoated by a wide range of topcoats and is suitable for use in many other vessel areas.

Engine Rooms

Belzona fast-curing and extended working life epoxy composites are engineered specifically for in-situ application to wet, oil contaminated and underwater surfaces. BELZONA 1212 provides a safe and simple repair solution to unplanned maintenance needs at sea for equipment such as pipes, engines, shafts and hydraulic rams. Precise alignment and anchorage of heavy ship propulsion systems, auxiliary machinery and other heavy equipment can be achieved using the chocking, backing and levelling compound BELZONA 7111. This pourable material resists pressure, impact and vibrations, providing a reliable foundation for heavy machinery and equipment in the marine environment.

Cargo Tanks

Based on its extensive track record, PPG Tank Lining Systems are recognized as the market leader in the tank coating market. In fact, over 50 million m2 has been applied in many of the world’s leading shipyards for both new builds and major refurbishment. SIGMAGUARD 720 is one of the Cargo Tank solutions with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals with a proven track record since the 1970s.

Do you have a maintenance problem with your vessel?

TRAST BV may have a cost-effective solution readily available for decks, machinery or emergency leak repairs.

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