Mining and Quarrying

Mining and Quarrying

Proven Solutions for Mining and Quarrying

Mining is an aggressive environment where the process of extracting valuable minerals and other geological materials results in abrasion, corrosion, impact, wear and chemical attack to plant equipment.

Belzona provides various solutions to the main areas of concern in the industry

Solids Handling Equipment

BELZONA’S ABRASION RESISTANT LININGS are widely used for the repair and protection of solid handling equipment in the mining and quarrying industry, such as grinding mills, conveyor systems, screw conveyors, chutes, pipe elbows, channels, and other equipment that can suffer from abrasion and wear damage. These epoxy linings incorporate hard abrasion-resistant ceramic aggregates and are proven to significantly slow down abrasion even in highly aggressive environments.

Shafts and Engines

Shafts become worn and damaged due to vibration, rubbing, abrasive contaminants and corrosion. Where it is impractical to strip a shaft, BELZONA METALLIC POLYMERS can repair in-situ without the risks that result from welding procedures.

Pipe Elbows, Chutes and Hoppers

Abrasive material can wear away pipes, typically occurring in the proximity of bends and T-junctions where material impinges on the pipe walls. BELZONA CERAMIC POLYMERS provide a seamless lining coupled with excellent abrasion and wear resistance against fine and coarse particles and high temperatures. Conventional methods or the replacement of pipes negatively affect plant operations by causing unpredicted shutdowns.

Storage and Leach Tanks

Equipment in ore processing plants is under continuous contact with chemically aggressive materials. BELZONA EPOXY REPAIR COMPOSITES AND COATINGS can rapidly repair and protect heavy-duty machinery, providing chemical resistance against a broad range of substances and the ability to resist all concentrations of caustic solutions, 98% sulphuric acid and other acids.

Vacuum and Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps in the mining industry are widely used to transport corrosive and abrasive materials and are thus highly susceptible to damage from harsh operational environments. BELZONA ELASTOMERS AND CERAMIC COMPOSITES offer outstanding resistance against severe erosion to pump linings and impellers. A conventional approach to the repair would involve welding, resulting in distortion to the metal substrate.

Chocking and Shimming Solutions

Excessive vibration and friction cause damage to machinery chocks and shims, affecting the equipment performance and operating reliability. BELZONA INDUSTRIAL CHOCKING COMPOUND  has been designed for the precise installation of engines, mills and other equipment. Belzona provides precise alignment per its non-shrinking properties whilst its high impact and compressive strength provide high load-bearing capabilities.

Which materials and application procedures are selected to meet my specific design and operating conditions?

TRAST BV dedicated specialists, together with round the clock Belzona head office technical support allows for the correct material and application procedure to be specified.

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