Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

World-class Engineered Composites and Protective Coatings with an unrivalled track record of meeting the challenging needs of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

With world-class products, wide-ranging expertise and dedicated staff, TRAST BV is the natural partner to maintain and safeguard assets within the Oil and Gas Industry. Our solutions provide safe, easy and efficient applications and are designed to improve the operator’s cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Our trained team is able to assess your precise requirements in detail, allowing them to propose optimal repair- and/or coating solutions to fit your specific project criteria. In addition, we provide onsite support you may require during the application on any project.

Segments in the Oil and Gas industry that need special treatment to endure the harsh conditions

Storage Facilities

Chemical resistant linings are crucial to the industry. Our range safeguards against product contamination from a variety of chemicals, crude oil, potable water and refined petroleum products.

Long-lasting protection against corrosion also reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of your equipment, providing ongoing cost savings. Tank bases can be sealed with our solvent-free coatings such as BELZONA 3111 Flexible Membrane that will allow trapped moisture to escape whilst preventing water ingress at the tank base for long-term protection. Tank linings such as NOVAGUARD 615 and NOVAGUARD 4801 have an extensive track record and are approved by major global oil operators, including BP.

Pipes and Pipework under Insulation

The strength of corroded, weakened and holed pipe and tank walls can be restored with BELZONA SUPERWRAP II. This wrap system can also be applied in accordance with the ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 standards. BELZONA SUPERWRAP II is one of the strongest composite wrap systems on the market . Our coatings systems deliver outstanding corrosion protection, temperature resistance and enhanced flow characteristics for the transportation of petroleum products, crude oil, potable water, and gas. SIGMATHERM 230 is designed to perform under insulation, which can foster ideal conditions for moisture penetration and corrosion, including high temperatures and temperature cycling due to periodic shutdowns.

Subsea Equipment

Subsea operational conditions present unique challenges for protective coatings that are subjected to near freezing subsea external temperatures and extremely hot production fluid internal temperatures. Our subsea coatings based on PHENGUARD™ product technology provide the most advanced protection available today. They have been independently proven to protect subsea
equipment and are compatible with cathodic protection at elevated temperatures.

Process Equipment

The petrochemicals industry thrives in many challenging environments, and our coatings have been designed to help valuable equipment remain productive for longer. Aggressive conditions such as chemical spillage, atmospheric pollution, high humidity and ultraviolet radiation present severe challenges, but our unique range of coating systems fights against corrosion even when exposed to these difficult conditions. BELZONA 1311 and BELZONA 1321 can be used to rebuild and protect equipment subject to high levels of wear, such as pumps, valves, hoppers, chutes and mixer blades. By incorporating ceramic aggregates, these high-performance coatings resist deformation and wear, providing long-term abrasion protection. Products such as BELZONA 1593 are designed to provide long-term corrosion and chemical resistance to equipment operating in continuous immersion at temperatures up to 160°C.

Splash and Tidal zones

Splash and tidal zones can be particularly aggressive areas for protective coatings due to the constant abrasion associated with wave and tidal surges and periodic impact events from floating watercraft and debris, as well as constant wet-dry cycling, UV exposure and extreme salinity. SIGMASHIELD 880 is specifically formulated to protect steel structures in these demanding and abrasive conditions. The products are certified in accordance with NORSOK M-501, ISO 20340 and ISO-12944.

Passive Fire Protection

Specially formulated for the oil and gas industries, PITT-CHAR XP intumescent coating is designed to buy time for personnel to escape in the event of a hydrocarbon fire. It is the only patented flexible epoxy intumescent on the market and is widely trusted for modular construction projects. Its unique flexibility eliminates the cracking issues that are often encountered when transporting steel sections and also reduces impact and abrasion damage during construction, ensuring the coating performs effectively and fulfils its vital purpose of saving lives.

Jetties, Floors, and Decks

Our coatings, such as SIGMASHIELD 880, are formulated to provide an excellent defence against the corrosive conditions in the coastal conditions, including high humidity and extreme salinity, as well as frequent impacts and other abrasive environments. Their durability, and application flexibility, in combination with non-sparking aggregate, also make them the ideal choice for offshore decks. Damaged concrete floors and walls of secondary containment areas can be repaired and protected using the range of Belzona concrete repair composites and coatings, such as BELZONA 4111, being ideal for the repair and resurfacing. Epoxy coatings such as BELZONA 4341 are designed to provide long-term chemical protection against a wide range of substances, including acids and alkalis even at high temperatures.

High-Temperature applications

We offer a special range of heat resistant coatings that have been specially formulated to meet the high-temperature requirements of the petrochemical industry. These coatings protect steel surfaces, pipes and process equipment from the effect of extended elevated temperature and thermal cycling up to 760°C. Products such as PPG HI-TEMP 1027 are surface tolerant and can also be applied directly to hot substrates up to 316°C.

Steel Structure

Our products withstand aggressive environments to protect structural steel components used in refineries, petrochemical and chemical facilities. Our range of coatings includes approved zinc-rich epoxy primers such as SIGMAZINC 109HS, which have been designed to work well in both fabrication and fabric maintenance environments where ease of use, dry time and productivity are critically important. The aesthetically appealing finish with SIGMADUR 550 is locally available in a wide range of colours.

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TRAST BV will assist you in specifying a designated coating system which offers a long-term protection considering the relevant exposure conditions.

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