Proven Solutions for the Power Industry

Whether your plant generates power by nuclear, fossil or renewable means or your facility distributes energy to end-users, it is likely you will experience routine or unexpected maintenance challenges that result in increased operating costs.

TRAST BV provides cost-effective solutions to such maintenance problems by minimizing downtime, labor and equipment replacement costs, whilst increasing the efficiency of the plant and ensuring environmental compliance. For new construction, TRAST BV supplies world-class coatings solutions which are durable, fit-for-purpose and proven to support power producers by making plant and equipment last longer, work better and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Belzona provides a wide range of maintenance solutions for the Power industry, including:

Water Cooling Systems

Cooling tower maintenance is key to optimising heat transfer. Accelerated deterioration can lead to costly and time-consuming maintenance. Coatings are specifically designed to be suitable for continuous immersion in aqueous solutions such as cooling water.

Fluid Handling Equipment

Aggressive erosion-corrosion of fluid handling equipment can lead to a reduction in the hydraulic efficiency of cooling water systems. Severely damaged pumps and tube sheets can be rebuilt and restored to their original profile and protected against the effects of erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and deterioration.


Efficiency losses and pump breakdown due to severe erosion-corrosion can cause critical downtime. TRAST BV can support pump refurbishments extending lifetime and establish significant savings on new equipment.

Solids Handling and FGD Systems

Epoxy coatings and metal repair composites are widely used on equipment such as scrubbers and pipework within the FGD systems to slow down the effects of erosion and resist corrosion even in areas where chemicals and high temperatures are present.

Water Boxes, End Covers and Tube Sheets

Metal repair composites and coatings are designed to achieve long-term erosion and corrosion protection of heat exchangers, water boxes and tube sheets.


BELZONA SUPERWRAP is an ISO and ASME compliant wrap repair solution, which is ideally suited for pressurised weakened or holed pipes. It can be easily applied in-situ, eliminating the need for traditional cut and hot weld work.

Which materials and application procedures are selected to meet your specific design and operating conditions?

TRAST BV dedicated specialists, together with round the clock Belzona head office technical support allows for the correct material and application procedure to be specified.

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