Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

Proven Solutions for the Water and Wastewater Industry

TRAST BV offers a wide range of epoxy-based repair composites and coatings to repair and protect water and wastewater treatment facilities and equipment from common problems occurring in the industry including erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, mechanical damage and leaks. BELZONA solutions minimize downtime, labour and replacement costs and can extend assets’ life for many years.

Belzona provides a wide range of maintenance solutions for the Water/Wastewater industry, including:

Fluid Management Systems

Specialised coating solutions for tanks and pumps certified for potable water (WRAS, NSF/ANSI Standard 61) that deliver high-performance standards in service, facilitate quality of the application and provide productivity and longevity.

Chemical Resistance

Concrete repair materials and coatings can be used across several areas in a water/wastewater treatment plant, including resurfacing and protection of floors and chemical bunds.

Sewage Systems

Fast curing solutions for damaged concrete walls and expansion joints are available, providing long-term structural protection against chemical attack and movement.


It is often expensive and time-consuming to replace equipment such as these, whereas choosing to repair can save companies on both accounts. BELZONA MATERIALS do not even require specialist tools to apply and can cure within 24 hours.

Which materials and application procedures are selected to meet your specific design and operating conditions?

TRAST BV dedicated specialists, together with round the clock Belzona head office technical support allows for the correct material and application procedure to be specified.

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