Wind Power

Wind Power

Proven Solutions for the Wind Power Industry

Issues such as corrosion, erosion and environmental damage can lead to deterioration and costly implications accompanied by unwanted downtime.

TRAST BV have products meeting the challenge of the wind power industry by providing durable coatings and polymers that repair, protect and extend the operational life of onshore and offshore wind turbine installations, including towers and foundations, turbine components blades and other equipment.

A variety of solutions to the main areas of concern in the industry

Turbine Blades

Belzona’s turbine blade solutions make maintenance simple and efficient without the need for specialist tools or equipment. For the protection of the leading edge, BELZONA 5721 has been specifically designed to offer leading edge protection (LEP). Fast-curing and easy to apply, this solution can be completed in-situ.

Turbine Base and Tower

The protective coating systems for each area of the structure, e.g. foundations, platforms and wind towers are challenged. We offer a demonstrated track record of approved protective coating systems providing outstanding application performance and excellent abrasion- and
weather resistance.

Corrosion-Resistant Encapsulation Systems

Corrosion and water ingress can have a detrimental effect on the efficient operation of systems at the base of a turbine. Belzona offers a variety of encapsulating systems, which provide a flexible and durable barrier. Using ‘breathable’, solvent-free coatings, such as BELZONA 3111, water ingress and harmful corrosion can be eliminated at the base of the turbine, allowing any trapped moisture between the metal and concrete to escape easily.

Which materials and application procedures are selected to meet my specific design and operating conditions?

TRAST BV dedicated specialists, together with round the clock Manufacturer engineering support allow for the correct material and application procedure to be specified.

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