Privacy and Cookie Statement

Privacy- and Cookie Statement

Your privacy is respected

TRAST BV takes the protection of your privacy very seriously and strives to provide services that are transparent, reliable, and focused on the individual. The personal data that is collected through the website is processed in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations.

When does this privacy statement apply?
This statement describes your rights and obligations with regard to the processing of personal data via our websites and applications, and the use of cookies.

TRAST BV uses your personal data for the following purposes
TRAST BV processes various personal data that is obtained through your use of our websites and applications, such as your IP address, the date and time of your visit, your location, your internet browser, and your operating system. These data are collected for the following purposes:

  • Improving our website
  • Marketing purposes
  • Social media sharing

On our website, there are several areas where you will be presented with the option to leave your details. For instance, this is how you would request a login for brochures, leaflets and more. The data that you provide will be used exclusively to complete your request and not for any other purposes. Your information will not be shared with third parties without your consent, unless this is necessary to process your request.

TRAST BV websites and applications utilise appropriate security systems and encrypted connections to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

In order to optimise your visits to, anonymous visitor statistics are collected. Cookies are used to do this. We also use cookies so that you can access your social media directly. In your settings, you can indicate whether or not you want to allow cookies. You only have to do this once unless you clear your temporary files, after which you will need to do it again.

Information on cookies
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. The data collected cannot be traced to an individual and do not contain any personal data. We mask the last octet of your IP address for these purposes.

There are 3 types of cookies:
Required cookies: These are cookies that are necessary for the website to work properly. An example of this would be the option of whether or not to accept the cookies on the website. These cookies are not shared with third parties.

Analytical cookies: Our website and marketing e-mails use these cookies to analyse the site and its statistics. TRAST BV uses these statistics to continuously improve the website and the mailing list content and to provide you with relevant information. Google Analytics is used to assist in this process. Google may provide this information to third parties if it is legally required to do so or if these third parties process information on behalf of Google. We have no control over this.

Social plug-in cookies: These are cookies that are sent by third parties, which allow us to display social sharing buttons, e.g. for YouTube (Google), Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using these plug-ins, you can share our internet content with others. These can be recognised by the social media provider’s logo. The integration of these plug-ins does not mean that your data is automatically transferred to the social media providers. This only occurs when you click on the button. When that is done, you will be taken to the relevant website and the social media provider’s rules regarding the protection of your data will then apply. TRAST BV has no further control over this, nor does it accept any liability for whatever may happen.

Accepting or declining cookies
You can control whether you accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change the settings of your browser so that cookies are not accepted. You have to make this change again in every browser and computer that you use.

Your rights
You have the right to ask TRAST BV to provide access to your personal data and/or to improve it, add to it, delete it, or block certain parts of it. Please contact if you have any sorts of requests regarding this.

The terms and conditions of this privacy and cookie statement can be adjusted without prior notice. Changes are effective as soon as they are published on the website.

For questions regarding this privacy and cookie statement send an e-mail to

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