Blasting- and Painting Facilities

Straaltechniek Blasting- and Painting Facilities

Custom Designed and Engineered Blasting- and Painting Facilities

Straaltechniek International designs, develops and erects full-fledged equipment packages for high-end blasting- , coating- and other climate-controlled applications. These are delivered on a turn-key basis and are fully adapted to the client’s individual requirements. Where possible, manual interventions are limited to a minimum, and a high degree of robotization is employed.

Straaltechniek International supports steel fabrication companies, in different industries, with the most innovative solutions. With a strong focus on R&D and flexible organisation, Straaltechniek International’s qualified engineers fully immerse themselves in each specific problem while at the same time complying with the latest international standards

Custom Coating Facility for the Oil and Gas Industry

For Bos Shelf LLC, the largest project ever built was recently put into operation. An advanced Custom Coating Facility has been delivered and installed in the Caspian region. This facility is unique for said region and will set new standards for anti-corrosion applications for subsea structures.

The facility is designed to process subsea steel structures and coat them in strict compliance with the highest offshore standards.
The facility houses:

All rooms are designed and equipped with heating systems and dehumidifiers to control the temperature and relative humidity for each operation to meet the highest offshore standards and to meet the highest environmental regulations.

Currently, the advanced Custom Coating Facility is supporting the Shah-Deniz stage-2 project, one of the largest gas developments in the world, which will help to increase European energy security by bringing Caspian gas resources to markets in Europe for the very first time.

The current concept for Shah Deniz Stage 2 includes:

Gigantic steel structures for the Shah Deniz stage-2 project are being blasted and coated in the advanced Custom Coating facility.

At the end of 2015, over 20,000 people were involved in construction activities across all main contracts in Azerbaijan, and over 80% of them were Azerbaijani nationals.

Entrance of CCF with access to blasting room, HP-washing place for steel structures outside.

View through blasting room into painting room.

Exit of CCF, view on PU-insulation room for PU-insulation of subsea pipelines.

Painting and drying in the operation of seabed structures.

Side view Custom Coating Facility.

Painting and drying in the operation of seabed structures.

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