Metallisation Equipment

Metallisation Equipment

Thermal Spray is the Universal Solution for the Prevention of Rust Formation

Thermal Spray (also known as Metal spraying) is a proven anti-corrosion treatment that, when combined with blasting as a pre-treatment, leads to a highly durable construction. A metal sprayed surface forms an excellent base for applying layers of paint or powder coatings as a finish. But even when they are not coloured, metal sprayed objects have an exceptionally attractive appearance!

Premium Thermal Spray Equipment

Metallisation has a wide range of equipment options to suit a variety of applications and customer-specific requirements. Selection of the most appropriate system will depend on many factors, including the application, spray material(s), coating requirements, user knowledge/experience and local environment, to name but a few. In addition to the products shown below, Metallisation can also offer turnkey thermal spray installations, ranging from a simple booth and extractor through to dedicated automation systems to spray pipes, LPG cylinders, multivoid tubes and ERW tubes.

Metallisations’ product range includes:

How to apply a metal-based coating?

TRAST BV and Metallisation offer a full range of training courses to suit the needs of your specific Thermal Spray specification.

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