WIWA Paint Spray Equipment

WIWA Paintspray Equipment

Industry-leading solutions for Spray Technology and Fluid Processing with Top Quality Paint Spraying Equipment

From forming a protective layer to provide a decorative finish, they reimagine the surface’s face and characteristics. Protection from weathering, defence against mechanical stress and even performance as a flame and fire retardent are all possible functions coatings can provide as they maintain the value of the coated object.

WIWA equipment and systems provide the perfect finish you are looking for. Seventy years of expertise in applying paint, varnish, stain and industrial coatings are proof of the quality and professionalism that goes into our products, giving peace of mind even under the most difficult application conditions.

Premium Paint Spray Equipment

WIWA is globally renowned for its premium-quality, robust pumps for all areas of application. The equipment in the PROFESSIONAL and HERKULES series is setting new standards for efficiency and performance. It particularly highlights its strengths in the toughest of everyday uses, e.g. for large surface coverage and thick coatings in the marine, offshore and pipe coating industries or for structural and corrosion protection. A sophisticated design and precise manufacturing make the equipment in the PROFESSIONAL and HERKULES series durable and easy to service.


Looking for the correct heavy-duty pump to spray your product?

TRAST BV and WIWA have a team of experts that will help you with the correct set-up of your spray equipment.

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