PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

A World Leader in Protective and Marine Coatings

PPG’s exceptional heritage has resulted in a range of brands that are tried and trusted to deliver consistent performance in their given markets. All brands have PPG Protective & Marine Coatings as an endorsement, benefiting from unparalleled levels of experience and expertise in coatings technology. SIGMA COATINGS, AMERCOAT, PPG HI-TEMP, PPG PITT-CHAR NX, PPG STEELGUARD and PPG NOVAGUARD are a few of those approved brands.

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Marine Coatings

Trust the world leader in marine coatings to provide products and services that protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding sea conditions and environments. We provide advice, support and coatings for new build and inland marine vessels, dry dock assets, sea stock and offshore facilities.

Protective Coatings

PPG delivers protective coating solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether our customers need proven protection from corrosion, high temperatures and fire or want to ensure durability and aesthetic performance that will protect valuable assets, we have the advanced coating systems that can meet the specific needs of any environment.

Our Product Range of Protective and Marine Coatings

Tank Coatings

NOVAGUARD, PHENGUARD and SIGMAPRIME are a complete range of two-component tank linings with excellent corrosion resistance. The PPG linings have outstanding chemical resistance and offer a variety of solutions for new tanks and maintenance. Designed to meet the most demanding site and operational requirements, PPG tank linings are trusted worldwide to deliver optimum performance time after time. Ultimately, PPG solutions prolong tank service life by providing vital protection against corrosion, therefore, avoiding the need for extensive repairs and costly replacements.

Alkyd Paints

SIGMARINE is a complete range of single-pack alkyd coatings designed to protect steel structures affected by internal and external exposure in marine and industrial environments. The range consists of primers that have excellent anticorrosive properties, together with intermediate and finish coats to give outstanding weather resistance and colour retention. SIGMARINE products are available in a multitude of colours.

Zinc Primers

SIGMAZINC is a complete range of high-quality zinc primers, which can be applied to steel structures, equipment and piping prior to epoxy and polyurethane topcoats delivering ultimate corrosion protection with abrasion, weather and impact resistance. 

Polyurethane/Epoxy Finish

Aggressive environments demand long-lasting and highly resilient systems. The innovative SIGMADUR durable finish range answers this need with a proven track record in protecting onshore and offshore structures throughout their lifetime. SIGMADUR atmosphere-, abrasion- and corrosion-resistant finish coatings cure down to –5°C and have been specially formulated to provide ultimate performance, durability, colour and gloss retention. All have been tested to meet and exceed the highest international standards, such as ISO 12944, NORSOK M501, and Florida testing according to ACQPA. Innovative technology ensures that these coatings look good and offer excellent protection from the splash and spillage of mineral and vegetable oils, paraffin, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals.

Fouling Release / Antifoulings

PPG ECOFLEET Self-polishing antifouling range offers reliable antifouling performance with an extensive track record. Minimizes environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency. Easy to apply and widely used for both new-build and dry dock.

PPG SIGMAGLIDE fouling release range has been used on hundreds of vessels worldwide, including cruise liners, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, gas carriers, dredgers, FPSOs, and fishing vessels and TUGs. Based on a unique 100% pure silicone binder system, PPG SIGMAGLIDE fouling release coating utilizes breakthrough surface regeneration technology to eliminate slime problems. Keeping the hull completely smooth from the outset, enabling the ship to glide seamlessly through the water.

Epoxy Primers/Coatings

SIGMACOVER, SIGMAFAST and SIGMASHIELD are a very wide range of tough, durable epoxy coatings designed to deliver outstanding corrosion protection for both new construction and maintenance of major assets. The benefits result in easy-to-apply, cost-effective solutions within a wide range of applications across the protective coatings industry.

High-Temperature Coatings

SIGMATHERM and PPG HI-TEMP are a range of high-quality, high-performance, heat resistant coatings. The range is designed to meet the challenge and continuing demand for protective coatings that maintain their function despite exposure to the exceptionally high operational temperatures encountered in the Power, Offshore and Petrochemical processing industries. Suitable for both new construction and maintenance, PPG coatings are used to protect a variety of steel substrates and deliver long-term, dependable performance.

Prefabrication Primers

SIGMAWELD is a range of high-quality prefabrication primers designed to protect steel plates and sections from corrosion during transportation and construction. Applications vary from a temporary blast primer on structural steel to the use as a permanent primer.

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