Noverox Rust Converters

Noverox Rust Converters

The Patented and tested Noverox® Corrosion Protection technology has been tried and tested for over 30 years

Benefits for the user are:

Noverox Rust Coverters

Take advantage of the benefits offered by Noverox®

Noverox® acts reliably when applied directly to surfaces from which loose rust has been removed. It halts the rusting process, simultaneously forms a protective layer as a priming coat and actively prevents further rust attacks.

The Noverox® anti-rust protection system can be applied by brush, roller or spray. This makes the product extremely user-friendly and economical to use. Noverox® anti-corrosion protection is environmentally friendly and has been tested by prominent testing institutions throughout Europe.

Using Noverox® means:
greater user-friendliness, maximum preservation of value at optimum cost, greater safety and environmentally friendly.

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