HedoN Soluble Salt Meter

HedoN Soluble Salt Meter

The Soluble Salt Meter is the Solution for all industries where Soluble Salt Measurements are taken seriously.

The Soluble Salt Meter was developed specifically to improve current methods of establishing surface cleanliness. The goals in developing the Soluble Salt Meter were to:

The Soluble Salt Meter is the approved alternative for use as a replacement to the Bresle patch method equivalent to ISO Standard 8502-9 (Field Method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts in accordance with NACE SP0508-2008).

Salt Measurement 2.0

Proper surface preparation is essential before applying protective coatings to any ferrous object. Contamination can be visible but even more dangerous invisible. Invisible contamination like soluble salts has a direct relation with the formation of corrosion under protective coatings. It’s important to detect the presence of soluble salts and remove them before the protective coating is applied.

Many industries have set stringent requirements for maximum allowable soluble salt concentrations for various applications. In order to test for surface cleanliness, the surface contaminants must be extracted and analyzed.

Are you looking for an Approved and Authorized alternative to establish Surface Cleanliness?

The Soluble Salt Meter test protocol exactly duplicates the Bresle process, except that measurements are automated
and there are no consumables.

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