Protective Coatings Inspection

Protective Coatings Inspection

Coatings Inspection and Quality Control

TRAST BV offers certified inspection (NACE, FROSIO, CORRODERE) to ensure a quality application of the specified coating systems. The job of our Technical Service Inspector is not only to report whether the standards of surface pre-treatment and paint application are followed but also to give technical assistance and support to all parties involved on-site who are and remain responsible for the proper application of the coating- and/or repair systems, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction.

Practical Examples

Various Inspection Equipment and methods are used to ensure surface preparation standards are achieved, and the Coating and/or Polymer Repair application is carried out in accordance with the specification, ISO and other International Standards.

Need technical assistance to ensure a quality application of your coating system?

TRAST BV’s certified inspectors can also support customers who apply alternative coating systems from different paint manufacturers throughout the Caspian Sea region.

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